Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to rent a bike?

In order to make a booking, we require the following:

  • A picture of passport and current visa, these can be sent on the Facebook Fanpage chatbox or by Whatsapp.
  • Your address in Vietnam.
  • Your phone number in Vietnam
  • The reading of our rental conditions which can either be downloaded in this website or sent to you on the chatbox or Whatsapp.

2. Do I need a license to rent a bike?

Under the new Vietnamese law, an A1 license is required for bikes from 51cc to 125cc and an A (old A2) license is required for over 125cc. International driving permits for category A1 or A are accepted along with the original license and an official translation to Vietnamese.

Should our customers drive without a valid driving license and be stopped by police at a control, the customer will be responsible to cover all police costs in order to recover the vehicle. Customers must be aware that driving without a license incurs fines (officially) from 2.4M VND to 3.8M VND. An external arrangement may be reached between the customer and the police to avoid a fine, however that remains unrelated to The Extra Mile.

3. Can I pay by credit card?

We are working on it and it will be soon possible. At the moment though we only take cash in VND, USD or EUR.

4. Are short-term rentals a prorate of the monthly rental?

No, short-term rentals have a different rate. The monthly rental is considered long-term, from a month of rental the daily rate is the lowest we have. If you rent for short-term, like for every other rental business model the daily rates are higher the shortest the period is. So, please do not assume that a short-term rental is just a division of the monthly rate. As a matter of fact, we charge 1 month for any period over 15 days.

Only for customers who rent from us for 6 months or longer, we offer short-term rentals as a prorate of the monthly rate. This is because we reward customer loyalty.

5. Do I get a refund if I return the bike early?

According to our rental conditions, we are not obligated to return any amount if the customer returns the bike early. However, at The Extra Mile we choose to do so, by applying the short-term rate in that case. So, if you return the bike early, we would return an amount that corresponds to our short-term rates and not a prorate of the monthly rate.

6. Do you deliver?

  • Free delivery in District 2, Binh Thanh, District 1, District 3, Phu Nhuan and District 4.
  • We charge a shipping fee between 50k VND and 100k VND per delivery or pick up for all other districts.
  • 200k delivery/pick-up charge for the cities of Bien Hoa and Thu Dau Mot.

7. What documents are provided with the bike?

All our bikes will come with a notarized copy of the registration (official document) and the legal insurance.

8. What does the legal insurance cover?

The legal insurance in the form of a yellow paper is only a requirement to be carried for police controls. It doesn't actually cover in case of accident or damage. Unfortunately there is no proper insurance like in western countries, the customers will have to take responsibility in case of damage, loss or theft.

9. Will my private insurance cover me in case of an accident?

Your private insurance will normally cover you if you have a valid driving license only. All of our bikes have the necessary documents required in case your insurance requires it.

10. Who is responsible for the bike's service?

We handle all maintenance and fixing of the bikes. We require customers not to take the bike to a mechanic without our consent. For any need of maintenance or fixing, contact us and we will arrange the bike pick-up and provide you a replacement bike in the meantime.

11. What do I do in case of a mechanic problem?

The Extra Mile takes responsibility to fix all mechanic problems. We provide replacement bikes while we handle the customer's bike. Our average response time on site ranges from 10 minutes to 30 minutes (anywhere in the city.)

12. What are your working days?

We work everyday of the year, even Sundays and major holidays such as Tet.

13. Do you attend 24/7 in case of an emergency?

Our main attention is from 8am to 6pm, however we provide assistance and service from 7am to 10pm for special cases and when no other schedule is possible. From 10pm to 7am we attend for emergencies only.

14. Can I go for road trips?

The Extra Mile provides only the service of city-rental meant for daily commuting. Our city-rental is limited to the cities of Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Dau Mot in Binh Duong province and Bien Hoa City in Dong Nai province. Trips over the mentioned cities are not permitted on our bikes, if the customer leaves the area we will not be able to provide any support. Should the customer take the bike out of the area and encounter a challenge, he will be held fully responsible for any problem caused. An exception on manual bikes may be made for customers that have rented with us for over 6 months.

15. What should I do if I lose a parking ticket?

The security of parking lots will not allow you to take the bike out if you lost the parking ticket. Should that happen, take the notarized copy of the registration from the trunk and show them. They will take pictures of the document together with your ID, then you may need to sign a document in order to take out the bike.

16. What to do if I get a flat tire?

In the case of a flat tire, please contact us and send us a picture of the tire so we can assess the situation. We will guide the customer through the steps to solve it.

16.1: Punctures

If the tire has a puncture, the customer is required to fix it at a local mechanic. This costs between 20k and 30k VND and the customer is responsible to cover it. The word to fix a tire is: vá vỏ.

16.2: Large tear

If the puncture is too large and not fixable, we will have to replace the tire. In this case, The Extra Mile is responsible. We send you a staff to handle the bike while we provide you a replacement. Once the tire is replaced we may arrange a new appointment to exchange the bikes back.

15.3: DO NOT's

Please, do not replace a tire without our consent.

If a mechanic says he cannot fix the tire and needs to replace it or do some other work, do not agree and call us immediately.

The same applies if you are unable to communicate with the mechanic because of the language barrier, please call us and we will handle it.

17. What happens if the bike gets stolen?

In case of theft the customer will be fully responsible to compensate The Extra Mile with the value of the bike. The value of each model is stated in the rental conditions for the knowledge of the customer prior to the rental. Theft is an issue in Vietnam however there are simple steps the customers can take to keep the bike safely.

18. How to prevent theft from happening:

The bike should never be left on the street without surveillance. When going to a shop or restaurant always ask the staff where to park safely. Most places will have a security guard indicating you where to park and depending on the place they may provide you with a parking ticket. If the place does not have a security guard, please ask the staff to direct you to a public parking lot. Public parking lots will always provide you a ticket, do not accept leaving the bike without a ticket. At home, please do not leave the bike outside of your gate, not even for a minute if you're on your way out. Bikes can be taken in 10 seconds, so always park the bike inside whenever being home.

19. How to avoid being stopped by the police?

The most common infractions the police stops drivers for are:

  • Not wearing a helmet.
  • Driving on the car lane. Please, pay attention to the road signs indicating the specific car and bike lanes. Bike lanes are on the right side and sometimes the middle lane of a 3 lanes street is shared for all vehicles.
  • Excessive speeding. Speed limits in Ho Chi Minh City are of 40, 50 and 60km/h. Please, pay attention to the limit signs, noticeable speeding will stand out and attract police attention.
  • Illegal turns. Check very well the signs forbidding a specific turn.
  • Reckless driving. Reckless and dangerous driving behavior may be penalized when noticed.
  • There is from January 1st 2020 a 0 tolerance on any alcohol content in the blood. Hefty fines and license suspensions are being given to drivers having even the lowest possible level of alcohol in the blood. Please, do not drink and drive.

20. What do I do if the police stops me?

You may arrange your way out of a fine with a polite and friendly attitude, as well as apologetic for your mistake. Should the case not be severe, a "tip" could work. Our advice is to follow the lead of the police officer, but if you do not feel comfortable with a specific request call us for support.

In the worst case scenario be ready for a fine and a potential confiscation of the bike. You may call us to help you mediate with the police but we cannot make guarantees. Should the bike be confiscated, we will come to the police station to deal with the situation accordingly.