Yamaha NVX 155

The Fusion of Excellent Design & Racing Technology

Written by Henry Barany (August 2019)

The Yamaha NVX (AKA Nouvo Xtreme & Aerox) was first introduced into the Vietnam market in 2016 as Yamaha’s successor to the extremely popular Nouvo series, and now holds the title as the first choice of automatic scooter amongst expats in Vietnam.

The NVX is powered by an impressive 155cc liquid cooled blue core engine, and is also equipped with VVA (Variable Valve Actuation), this system adjusts the fuel intake at a certain RPM, allowing strong torque at low speeds and power at high speeds.

Favored due to its modern sporty design and a tall, comfortable driving position the NVX handles extremely well and is great for weaving through Ho Chi Minh’s hustle and bustle. It’s design is ideal for taller and larger expats who struggle with the other smaller ASEAN scooters available on the market.

The NVX is an extremely fun scooter to ride and boasts super wide tires, dual LED headlights, LED tail light, LCD digital speedometer, a 25 liter under-seat storage compartment, electric socket, fuel saving automatic stop and start function, smart key and ABS.

The Extra Mile has a wide range of NVX’s for you to choose from for both long term and medium rentals. We have original and modified bikes, which are all kept in top condition and routinely serviced by Phat Phuc Racing.

If you desire to customize or enhance the performance of your long term rental NVX this can be arranged by The Extra Mile & Phat Phuc Racing.

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