Yamaha Exciter 150

The King of the Street

Written by Henry Barany (July 2019)

The Yamaha Exciter 150 is Vietnam’s most popular underbone fully manual motorbike, powered by an impressive 150cc single cylinder engine and 5 speed gearbox.

The Exciter 150 has long held the crown as the bike of choice among Vietnam’s youth, racers and for people that crave extra power for their daily commute and evening cruises. Favored due to its modern sporty design and comfortable driving position its ideal for weaving through Ho Chi Minh’s busy streets and perfect for longer trips and tours.

The Exciter 150 is an extremely fun bike to drive and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face whether you are a novice or an experienced motorbike rider.

The Extra Mile has a wide range of Exciter 150’s for you to choose from for both long term and medium rentals. We have original and modified bikes, which are all kept in top condition and routinely serviced by Phat Phuc Racing. If semi automatics and automatic scooters aren’t your thing we highly recommend you try one of our Exciter 150’s...

You will not be disappointed.

If you desire to customize or enhance the performance of your long term rental Exciter 150’s this can be arranged by The Extra Mile & Phat Phuc Racing.

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